Sources: Evidence suggests Smollett orchestrated attack

  02/18/2019 07:14 AM
Two law enforcement sources with knowledge of the investigation told CNN that Chicago Police believe Jussie Smollett paid two men to orchestrate the assault.

  North Carolina man loses pants, $10G after meeting woman for sex: cops

  02/18/2019 06:31 AM
Two people were arrested after a North Carolina man allegedly had $10,000 and his pants stolen from him as he was expecting to have sex with a woman he had just met, police said.

  School threat system fields thousands of tips in first month

  02/18/2019 05:58 AM
Pennsylvania's new mandatory threat reporting system for schools is drawing thousands of tips in its first month.

  11yo arrested after refusing to stand for Pledge of Allegiance to ‘racist’ flag in Florida

  02/18/2019 05:47 AM

  50 Cent: Claims police told to 'shoot' rapper investigated

  02/18/2019 05:43 AM
The NYPD says allegations a senior officer gave the instruction at an event are under "internal review".

  McCabe says Rosenstein was 'absolutely serious' about secretly recording Trump; Booker speaks out on Smollett

  02/18/2019 05:22 AM
Plus, Cory Booker 'withholding' judgment on Smollett case after calling it 'attempted modern-day lynching'

  Obama Quietly Gives Advice to 2020 Democrats, but No Endorsement

  02/18/2019 05:21 AM
Former President Barack Obama has been counseling Democratic candidates on how to win the White House in 2020. But he has no plans to pick a favorite.

  Becoming Greta: ‘Invisible Girl’ to Global Climate Activist, With Bumps Along the Way

  02/18/2019 05:00 AM
Like a modern-day Cassandra for the age of climate change, a Swedish girl's solitary act of civil disobedience has turned her into a mascot for climate action. But it's not easy being her.

  El Chapo Highlighted Mexican Corruption, but Drug Money Also Lubricates U.S. Border

  02/18/2019 05:00 AM
In the Rio Grande Valley, drug money has been an undeniable presence. One local professor called it WD-40 — “the oil that makes the machinery work.”

  Sidebar: When Does Kicking Black People Off Juries Cross a Constitutional Line?

  02/18/2019 05:00 AM
The Supreme Court will consider whether a Mississippi prosecutor’s long record of excluding black jurors amounted to unconstitutional race discrimination.

  Firefighters save cougar from tree in stunning rescue

  02/18/2019 04:38 AM
Firefighters have rescued a very big cat — a mountain lion — from a tree outside a home in the Southern California desert.

  Florida inmates use their criminal skills to rescue a baby locked in an SUV

  02/18/2019 04:31 AM
An inmate in southern Florida used his criminal skills for a good cause.

  Kentucky kids need Mexico wall more than new school – Sen. Lindsey Graham

  02/18/2019 04:18 AM

  Graham vows probe after McCabe interview on Trump

  02/18/2019 04:17 AM
A top Republican senator calls the alleged discussions an "attempted bureaucratic coup".

  Massachusetts teen who died in weekend snowmobile crash ID’d

  02/18/2019 03:29 AM
Authorities on Sunday identified the teenager who died this weekend after a snowmobile crash in Maine.

  The English Voice of ISIS Comes Out of the Shadows

  02/18/2019 02:46 AM
For years, an anonymous narrator extolled the Islamic State’s brutality in videos seen around the world. “I don’t regret it,” a Canadian captured in Syria says.

  Anthony Weiner leaves prison for halfway house in Brooklyn

  02/18/2019 12:29 AM
Anthony Weiner, who was jailed for sending explicit texts to a minor, has been transferred to a halfway house.

  On Politics: Trump’s Emergency Declaration Divides Republicans

  02/18/2019 12:26 AM
President Trump’s move, aimed at securing funding for a border wall, is a serious challenge to congressional authority. It remains to be seen whether Senate Republicans will try to stop it.

  Florida man accused of pointing red laser at sheriff’s helicopter

  02/18/2019 12:13 AM
A Florida man was arrested early Sunday after authorities said he shined a red laser at a sheriff’s helicopter that was circling overhead to observe a controlled fire.

  Bernie Sanders Stumbled With Black Voters in 2016. Can He Do Better in 2020?

  02/18/2019 12:08 AM
Mr. Sanders had a weak showing with black voters in his race against Hillary Clinton. A frayed relationship with his own outreach group was part of the problem.

  Mom, son, 14, may have been bludgeoned to death with gym weights in New York City apartment

  02/17/2019 11:48 PM
A mother and her teen son, who was a day away from his 15th birthday, were bludgeoned to death in their Bronx apartment Sunday afternoon — and sources say cops were searching for the mom’s boyfriend as a possible suspect.

  Baltimore man burns to death after exiting porta potty near M&T Bank Stadium

  02/17/2019 11:32 PM
A Baltimore man died Sunday after he apparently caught fire while inside a porta potty near the city’s M&T Bank Stadium.

  More than 1,500 attend vigil for Aurora shooting victims

  02/17/2019 11:27 PM
More than 1,500 people braved snow and freezing drizzle to attend a prayer vigil for five co-workers who were fatally shot at a suburban Chicago manufacturing plant.

  Aurora shooting victims included plant manager, intern

  02/17/2019 11:20 PM
The victims of a disgruntled employee who opened fire at a suburban Chicago industrial warehouse were co-workers ranging from an intern to the plant manager.

  After Aurora Shooting, ‘Cross Man’ Builds 5 for His Community

  02/17/2019 11:09 PM
Greg Zanis has delivered more than 26,000 handmade memorials for victims of shootings and natural disasters, including the five to remember last week’s shooting in Illinois.

  Armed robbery suspect killed in shootout near New Orleans' French Quarter, 3 others critically hurt

  02/17/2019 10:18 PM
A suspected armed robber was killed Sunday night in New Orleans' central business district following a shootout with police that left three others critically injured, authorities said.

  Florida sixth-grader charged with misdemeanor after refusing to recite Pledge of Allegiance

  02/17/2019 10:02 PM
School officials said the student was punished for being disruptive, not for refusing to recite the pledge.

  Graham Vows to Investigate Whether ‘Bureaucratic Coup’ Tried to Oust Trump

  02/17/2019 09:28 PM
Senator Lindsey Graham, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said he would find out whether officials at the F.B.I. and the Justice Department tried oust President Trump.

  Embryo ‘Adoption’ Is Growing, but It’s Getting Tangled in the Abortion Debate

  02/17/2019 08:54 PM
Many agencies that offer donated embryos, including most of those supported by federal grants, are affiliated with Christian or anti-abortion rights organizations.

  Jerry Westrom Threw Away a Napkin Last Month. It Was Used to Charge Him in a 1993 Murder.

  02/17/2019 08:33 PM
The authorities in Minnesota said they identified a suspect in the killing using genealogy and tracked him to a hockey game, where they collected a sample of his DNA.

  Are the super-rich ruining Burning Man?

  02/17/2019 08:09 PM
Burning Man has uninvited one "turnkey" camp to stem the flow of super rich "influencers" at the event.

  Republicans Already Are Demonizing Democrats as Socialists and Baby Killers

  02/17/2019 07:32 PM
With 21 months until Election Day 2020, Republicans are trying to paint Democrats as left-wing radicals on the economy, abortion and Israel.

  ‘It Is Not a Closet. It Is a Cage.’ Gay Catholic Priests Speak Out

  02/17/2019 06:49 PM
The crisis over sexuality in the Catholic Church goes beyond abuse. It goes to the heart of the priesthood, into a closet that is trapping thousands of men.

  Parents of Kelsey Berreth believe she was killed in a custody dispute

  02/17/2019 06:47 PM
It's been almost three months since Kelsey Berreth's toddler has seen her mom. Three months since anyone has seen the Colorado mother alive.

  Mountain lion in California tree 'rescued' by firefighters

  02/17/2019 06:44 PM
A cougar perched on a branch near a California home is lowered to the ground by rescuers with a ladder.

  Gun violence, police reform loom over Chicago election

  02/17/2019 06:44 PM
Next week’s mayoral election is seen as critical for a city where “there’s no place we can call safe.”

  Texas woman accused of driving drunk, crashing into police vehicle

  02/17/2019 06:10 PM
An Irving, Texas, police officer was injured after a suspected drunk driver crashed into a police vehicle early Sunday morning.

  States Flout Abortion Coverage Requirements, Federal Investigators Say

  02/17/2019 06:04 PM
One state, South Dakota, has for 25 years failed to provide the required coverage for abortion in cases of rape or incest, a government report says.

  Inside the race to replace farmworkers with robots

  02/17/2019 05:40 PM
Can a robot pick a strawberry better, faster, and cheaper than a seasonal farmworker?

  6 illegal immigrants linked to Mexican cartel arrested in NC for drug trafficking operation, officials say

  02/17/2019 05:25 PM

  Legal Rights for Lake Erie? Voters in Ohio City Will Decide

  02/17/2019 04:59 PM
Efforts to grant elements of nature legal rights have been around for decades. It’s a legal strategy Toledo voters will weigh as they think about Lake Erie.

  Dog reunited with owner after 8 month, 175-mile journey

  02/17/2019 04:48 PM
A dog that went missing in Massachusetts months ago has been reunited with its family after being found in Maine, 175 miles (282 kilometers) away.

  From the picket line to the charter school: The path union members should walk

  02/17/2019 04:25 PM
The recent L.A. teachers’ strike highlighted the existential fight over the future of education.

  California man sentenced to prison for starting wildfire that forced over 7,000 to evacuate

  02/17/2019 03:52 PM
A man was sentenced to 12 years in prison after he admitted to sparking a wildfire in Southern California that forced over 7,000 residents to evacuate last summer.

  Former governor spent $22K on Trump hotel stays: report

  02/17/2019 03:47 PM
Documents obtained by a Maine newspaper show the state's former Republican governor and his staff spent at least $22,000 in public money at a hotel owned by the family of President Donald Trump.

  Groups: ICE detainees in Boston jail go on hunger strike

  02/17/2019 03:26 PM
Dozens of people detained by federal immigration officials are on a hunger strike at a Boston jail.

  World War II Purple Heart recipient turns 100 in Georgia

  02/17/2019 03:15 PM
A World War II Purple Heart recipient who turned 100 says that age is only a number.

  Man accused in Aurora mass shooting had been convicted for beating girlfriend with baseball bat

  02/17/2019 02:31 PM
Authorities say Gary Martin, 45, killed five people and wounded five police officers in Aurora, Ill.

  Trump is sending humanitarian aid to Venezuela. Venezuelans in the US say they need help, too

  02/17/2019 02:27 PM

  New York synagogue vandalized in possible hate crime, police say

  02/17/2019 02:14 PM
The Chabad synagogue in Brooklyn, New York was vandalized on Saturday, and police are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime 

  Hot air balloon carrying 10 crashes in California, fire official says

  02/17/2019 01:54 PM
A hot air balloon carrying 10 people in northern California on Sunday, a fire official said.

  ISIS-supporting group threatens US attacks with chilling photoshop of LA explosion

  02/17/2019 01:11 PM
Preview An Islamic State-supporting group shared a chilling photoshopped image to social media on Friday which appears to threaten a terrorist attack on a skyscraper in downtown Los Angeles.
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  ‘Can't wait till this thing is looted’: Twitter users plan Amazon delivery bot’s take-down

  02/17/2019 12:36 PM
Preview Amazon has launched on-the-road trials of its new delivery bot, but the autonomous device will need to get streetwise pretty quickly, if the Twitter response to it is anything to go by.
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  Portland Mayor Calls for Investigation of Police Over Texts With Right-Wing Organizer

  02/17/2019 11:21 AM
After hundreds of messages between the activist and a police lieutenant were made public, the mayor sought to “review the existence of bias” in the Portland Police Bureau.

  Fla. sixth-grader faces charges after refusing to recite Pledge of Allegiance

  02/17/2019 10:02 AM
The Tampa student reportedly had an apparent confrontation with a substitute teacher who wanted the 11-year-old boy to stand for the pledge.

  Jussie Smollett had no role in own attack, lawyers say

  02/17/2019 09:04 AM
The denial by the US actor's lawyers comes amid allegations he may have staged the assault.

  The plot to assassinate George Washington — and how it was foiled

  02/17/2019 08:00 AM
If it weren’t for an overheard conversation in a New York jail, we might all be drinking British tea today.

  Aurora gunman opened fire on his coworkers as soon as he lost his job

  02/17/2019 07:59 AM
Illinois gunman Gary Martin brought a pistol to his termination meeting at the sprawling Henry Pratt Co. in Aurora. When he found out he'd been fired Friday, he started killing the people in the room, authorities said.

  Viewpoint: Why Trump may win his legal fight over border wall

  02/17/2019 07:23 AM
History does not bode well for Trump's opponents, says Jonathan Turley, professor of law.

  Thousands support petition to sell ‘useless’ state of Montana to Canada

  02/17/2019 07:00 AM
Preview Around 6,000 people have signed a petition to sell the “useless” state of Montana to Canada for a whopping $1 trillion to “eliminate the national debt” – which is actually well over $22 trillion.
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  Believe all victims? Cops now think Jussie Smollett faked 'MAGA attack' despite desperate denials

  02/17/2019 05:50 AM

  Election Fraud in North Carolina? State Board Will Hear Evidence This Week

  02/17/2019 02:00 AM
The North Carolina State Board of Elections will consider whether fraud tainted a campaign for a seat in Congress, and whether the Ninth District should hold a new vote.

  Police seek suspect in shooting of officer during traffic stop near Va.-W.Va. border

  02/17/2019 01:22 AM
Police said they are searching for Donquale M. Gray, 25, who was a passenger in a 2008 Toyota Yaris that had been stopped for an unspecified “equipment violation.” He later used that car to flee police as they returned fire.

  Lee Radziwill: Jackie Kennedy's sister dies aged 85

  02/17/2019 12:49 AM
The former US first lady's younger sister, who married a prince and became a fashion icon, dies at 85.

  Heather Nauert withdraws bid to be US envoy to UN

  02/16/2019 11:12 PM
Heather Nauert, President Trump's pick to be America's new UN ambassador, cites "family interests".

  Heather Nauert Withdraws From Consideration as U.N. Ambassador

  02/16/2019 09:46 PM
The former “Fox & Friends” host withdrew from consideration because she had a nanny without a proper work visa, according to people familiar with the process.

  Fashion collusion: CNN journalist picks jacket for Dem candidate Harris & sparks ethics debate

  02/16/2019 09:35 PM

  Trump's UN envoy pick Heather Nauert withdraws from consideration

  02/16/2019 08:04 PM
Preview Heather Nauert, the US State Department spokesperson, who Trump had tapped to be the country's next ambassador to the UN, has announced that she has withdrawn from consideration.
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  Chaka Khan: Why she gets annoyed by her tuneful greeting

  02/16/2019 07:44 PM
The legendary singer on the "mixed blessing" of that track and how the planet feels different without Aretha Franklin.

  Stocking shelves and clearing brush, guardsmen serve on border amid political heat

  02/16/2019 07:43 PM
Critics deride deployment as political theater by President Trump; supporters say guardsmen are a “godsend” for overburdened Border Patrol.

  Sharon Bottoms Mattes, who lost gay rights custody battle to her mother, dies at 48

  02/16/2019 07:37 PM
In a controversial 1990s court case in Virginia, she lost custody of her son because of a same-sex relationship.

  As Measles Outbreak Flares, Vaccination Rates Soar and Some Come Off the Fence

  02/16/2019 07:20 PM
In a region with relatively high resistance to vaccines, a jump in measles cases has sent steady crowds to immunization clinics.

  Two victims of the Illinois shooting attended a school that just marked the anniversary of another mass shooting

  02/16/2019 05:23 PM
On Thursday, the sound of bells rang out on the campus of Northern Illinois University to mark 11 years since five students were killed in a mass shooting.

  Aurora shooting: Five killed by sacked man at Illinois firm

  02/16/2019 01:35 PM
Police said the gunman, who was shot dead, was an employee who had reportedly just been fired.

  Europeans reveal who they wish was in the White House

  02/16/2019 01:25 PM
Reaction at an international security conference reveals how leaders might not be on the same page.

  Bill Gates backs tiny robotic surgeons that operate from inside a patient’s body

  02/16/2019 01:03 PM

  Why Donald Trump Jr.’s ‘loser teachers’ comment was ‘a chilling moment’ for educators around the world

  02/16/2019 11:44 AM
Three teachers — from the United States, Canada and the Netherlands — link his comment to other similar sentiments manifesting around the world.

  Focus of Jussie Smollett attack investigation has ‘shifted,’ police say

  02/16/2019 11:27 AM
The latest police statement comes amid news reports that the “Empire” actor may have staged his own assault in Chicago last month. In response, his attorneys said in a statement that “nothing is further from the truth.”

  Mexico border wall: Trump faces fight in the courts

  02/16/2019 11:14 AM
California and New York vow to challenge his plan to bypass Congress and build the wall.

  Texas detention centre stops force-feeding migrants

  02/16/2019 08:01 AM
A judge has told officials to stop feeding hunger striking migrants in El Paso through nasal tubes.

  ‘I’d take the wall down’: 2020 hopeful O’Rourke says he’d ‘absolutely’ knock US-Mexico barrier

  02/16/2019 02:52 AM

  Paul Manafort should be jailed for 19-24 years - Mueller

  02/16/2019 12:29 AM
US special counsel says Paul Manafort should be jailed for 19-24 years after breaching a plea deal.

  Chicago PD releases 'persons of interest' in shady Jussie Smollett attack case

  02/16/2019 12:12 AM

  Mueller recommends 19+ year sentence for Manafort

  02/16/2019 12:00 AM

  CNN’s Jim Acosta tweets vital news that Trump ‘put on 4 pounds’... and gets savaged in replies

  02/15/2019 11:14 PM
Preview CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta tweeted some crucial information about US President Donald Trump’s health on Thursday: that he has put on a whopping four pounds since his last checkup.
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  ‘Only emergency is that he is an idiot:’ Coulter spews vitriol at Trump after he disowns her

  02/15/2019 10:55 PM

  NYC mayor tears into '1 percenter' Bezos for betraying 'everyday people' with Amazon HQ cancelation

  02/15/2019 10:29 PM

  ‘Alarming’: Trump retweets meme video & Twitter loses its mind

  02/15/2019 09:43 PM
Preview It is not the first time that President Donald Trump tweets a meme made by one of his supporters, but the video of Democrats reacting to his State of the Union set to R.E.M's "Everybody Hurts" actually got pinned.
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  House Democrats announce 'immediate probe' into Trump's border wall emergency

  02/15/2019 07:20 PM

  Sarah Sanders gave Mueller ‘one of the last’ interviews in winding-down Russiagate probe

  02/15/2019 06:42 PM

  The community that rejected Amazon

  02/15/2019 06:08 PM
Amazon's plans for a campus in Long Island City bitterly divided a community grappling with rapid change.

  US Venezuela envoy confronted by RT America correspondent over past war crimes (VIDEO)

  02/15/2019 06:01 PM
Preview Intercepted by RT America correspondent Dan Cohen while leaving a conference in DC, US envoy for Venezuela Elliott Abrams did not seem in the mood to discuss his criminal convictions or Iran-Contra weapons shipments.
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  Hiker speaks after taking on mountain lion... and winning

  02/15/2019 05:49 PM
Travis Kauffman was hiking in Colorado when he came toe-to-toe with a young mountain lion

  The story of historically black colleges in the US

  02/15/2019 05:14 PM
Senator Kamala Harris has shone a spotlight on historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).

  Did Trump just suggest the death penalty for drug dealers? Twitter freaks out

  02/15/2019 04:36 PM
Preview US President Donald Trump has praised China’s use of the death penalty for drug smugglers and even appeared to suggest that capital punishment might be a good way to “end the drug problem” in the US.
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  Victory, disaster or ‘fake’? America divided as Trump signs spending bill while declaring emergency

  02/15/2019 04:13 PM

  Federal judge temporarily blocks military from forcing out HIV-positive airmen

  02/15/2019 04:05 PM
Judge Leonie M. Brinkema said authorities have shown no evidence justifying the termination decision, which the airmen are challenging.

  5 victims & gunman dead in shooting at Illinois steel facility

  02/15/2019 03:55 PM

  Meddling, anyone? Pro-Israel groups spent $22 million on lobbying & campaign contributions in 2018

  02/15/2019 02:42 PM
Preview Pro-Israel lobbyists funneled more than $22 million into the 2018 US election cycle, making the lobby far more active and influential than those aligned with other foreign nations, public records show.
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  Fact-checking Trump's claims about fact-checkers

  02/15/2019 01:50 PM
CNN's Jake Tapper, in partnership with, looks at President Trump's suggestion that fact checkers didn't cover President Obama's claims about Obamacare.

  Traveling for work? Bring a taste of home with you

  02/15/2019 12:55 PM

  FCC: Nearly half the calls you receive this year will be spam

  02/15/2019 12:36 PM
Nearly half the calls made to US cell phones in 2019 will be spam, according to a study by First Orion referenced in a Federal Communications Commission report Thursday.

  Tulsi Gabbard presents bill to stop Trump from pulling out of INF treaty

  02/15/2019 12:02 PM
Preview Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has introduced a bill to Congress which would prevent President Donald Trump from withdrawing the US from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF).
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  John Legend: Grammys boycott 'doesn't fix the problem'

  02/15/2019 11:08 AM
The star, whose new single is a plea for gun reform, wants to see more efforts to represent hip hop at the Grammys.

  Trump declares national emergency over border crisis

  02/15/2019 11:00 AM
Preview President Donald Trump has declared a national emergency, allowing him to build his long-promised border wall without congressional approval. Trump also signed a bill granting limited funding towards the wall.
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  Two U.S. citizens claim in lawsuit that feds detained them for speaking Spanish

  02/15/2019 07:55 AM
The two women said they were approached by a border agent while standing in line at a convenience store in Montana, then unlawfully detained.

  He claims to be America’s deadliest serial killer. His paintings could help find more victims.

  02/15/2019 06:12 AM
Samuel Little claims he killed more than 90 women over four decades, and now he's helping authorities find his victims.

  Ilhan Omar: Who is Minnesota's Somalia-born congresswoman?

  02/15/2019 06:00 AM
The first Somali-American in Congress has shaken up Washington DC since her election in 2018.

  ‘It keeps you nice and disposable’: The plight of adjunct professors

  02/15/2019 06:00 AM

  ‘It keeps you nice and disposable’: The plight of adjunct professors

  02/15/2019 06:00 AM
They’re often the backbone of the faculty, but their pay lags, resulting in efforts to unionize.

  Drivers using prescription opioids twice as likely to trigger a fatal crash, study finds

  02/15/2019 06:00 AM
Using opioids appears to double the risk that a driver will trigger a fatal crash, regardless of whether alcohol is in the mix too, a new study by researchers at Columbia University has found.

  Eagle rescued after huge ice ball grows on its tail

  02/15/2019 03:58 AM
A bald eagle had to be rescued after a 20cm ice ball grew on its tail.

  Sexting between Ryan Adams & 14yo girl reportedly probed by FBI amid claims singer preyed on women

  02/15/2019 02:55 AM

  California mudslides: Buildings collapse after severe weather

  02/14/2019 11:20 PM
Buildings have collapsed and roads have been left impassable after mudslides and flooding.

  No way, NRA: Los Angeles will require contractors to disclose ties to National Rifle Association

  02/14/2019 10:51 PM

  Twitter pokes fun at Trump after 'lying' medical records show he's taller than Obama

  02/14/2019 10:50 PM

  Migrant rights groups sue as US starts sending families back to Mexico

  02/14/2019 10:35 PM

  Amazon had New York City in the bag. Then left-wing activists got fired up.

  02/14/2019 10:21 PM
Amazon's decision to pull out of the deal is a show of force for the left wing in New York City, a constellation of engaged citizens, traditional activist groups and newly elected lawmakers who built a grass-roots movement to oppose the deal.

  'A Democrat can do it too': Pelosi warns national emergency can be used for gun control in future

  02/14/2019 09:51 PM

  'Hate crime' attack on 'Empire' actor Jussie Smollett was staged, reports suggest

  02/14/2019 09:30 PM

  Monsanto’s Roundup raises cancer risk 41%, EPA-linked scientists find

  02/14/2019 08:10 PM

  How 'Parkland tourism' led to this floral memorial

  02/14/2019 07:43 PM
A teacher and a pupil at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School gave people a focal point for their grief and curiosity.

  A Black Group Says Mardi Gras Blackface Honors Tradition. Others Call It ‘Disgusting.’

  02/14/2019 07:08 PM
Participants in the Zulu parade, mostly black but some of them white, wear blackface and grass skirts. Now some are questioning whether the tradition should continue.

  Jody Wilson-Raybould: Three ways this could be a problem for Trudeau

  02/14/2019 06:34 PM
Allegations of political interference have turned into a major headache for the Canadian PM.

  Deus vult? Almost half Republican voters think GOD WANTED Trump to be president – poll

  02/14/2019 06:27 PM
Preview Separation of church and state aside, 45 percent of GOP voters share the belief of White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders that Donald Trump's 2016 presidential victory was God's will, according to a new poll.
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  Amazon drops plan to build headquarters in New York City

  02/14/2019 06:25 PM
The plan foundered in the face of vocal opposition from activists, politicians.

  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette staffers say ‘intoxicated’ publisher threatened them

  02/14/2019 06:20 PM
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's union has filed an unsafe labor practice charge against the paper's publisher after he allegedly drunkenly stormed into the newsroom on Saturday.

  Real-life trolling: When a 'roast' becomes harassment

  02/14/2019 05:24 PM
People are trying to recreate comedy roasts online and getting it horribly wrong. What are the rules?

  TVA defies Trump, votes to shut down two aging coal-fired power plants

  02/14/2019 05:14 PM
The president had urged the Tennessee Valley Authority to keep open one of the plants, which buys much of its coal from a mining company chaired by one of his major donors.

  Do Americans really want outsider politicians?

  02/14/2019 05:12 PM
More than half of Americans said that all things being equal, they would be more likely to support a candidate for Congress who is seen as a political outsider over a political insider, according to a Monmouth University poll from August 2018.

  McConnell: 'Trump will declare a national emergency'

  02/14/2019 04:59 PM
Top Democrats react after Senator Mitch McConnell says Mr Trump will declare an emergency on border.

  NASA wants to get to the moon ‘as fast as possible.’ But countries like China and India are racing there, too.

  02/14/2019 04:57 PM
On the 50th anniversary of the Apollo lunar landing, the space race has been reinvigorated by China, India and private space companies, which are locked in a high-stakes contest for scientific discoveries on moon.

  Seven-year-old ‘Blaze’ may be the fastest in the world

  02/14/2019 04:52 PM
Rudolph ‘Blaze’ Ingram has his sights set on smashing Usain Bolt’s 100m world record.

  Mom: I asked my daughter why she wrote ‘Love Mom and Dad’ on her arm. Then she told me about the bomb threat at school.

  02/14/2019 04:40 PM
Read this mom's heartbreaking Facebook post.

  Trump installs $50,000 golf simulator in the White House

  02/14/2019 04:33 PM
Unable to play as often as he'd like, the president has installed a simulator in his private quarters.

  US Senate & House approve spending & border security bill to avert gov’t shutdown

  02/14/2019 04:25 PM

  ‘A disgrace to US, big part of Russia hoax’: Trump unloads on ex-acting FBI chief McCabe

  02/14/2019 04:05 PM

  Trump will declare national emergency as he signs watered-down wall funding bill

  02/14/2019 03:41 PM

  Amazon cancels New York City campus plan

  02/14/2019 03:10 PM
The internet giant hit local opposition over the roughly $3bn in subsidies it had been promised.

  Amaz-off: Online retail giant Amazon cancels New York HQ plans after massive backlash

  02/14/2019 02:48 PM
Preview Megacorporation Amazon has shelved plans to build its second headquarters in New York City. The project had been met with generous tax breaks from the city authorities, and intense backlash from local residents.
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  JPMorgan is creating its own cryptocurrency

  02/14/2019 02:25 PM
JPMorgan Chase, the nation's largest bank, is launching its own cryptocurrency.

  Why this dog was sworn in at court

  02/14/2019 02:06 PM
Instead of giving evidence, Kora the courtroom dog is there to give support to child witnesses.

  JP Morgan creates first US bank-backed crypto-currency

  02/14/2019 10:58 AM
The US investment bank has created the JPM Coin to handle wholesale payments for some clients.

  CIA says MBS ordered Khashoggi hit, but don’t expect Saudi-US relations to change – John Kiriakou

  02/14/2019 09:56 AM

  Utter chaos captured on board California flight that NOSE-DIVED twice, sending 3 to hospital (VIDEO)

  02/14/2019 07:41 AM

  Remorseless ‘political prisoner’ Bill Cosby likens himself to MLK in message from prison

  02/14/2019 03:20 AM

  House says US is waging war in Yemen, votes for 30-day deadline to end assistance to Saudis

  02/14/2019 12:46 AM
Preview The US House of Representatives has overwhelmingly voted to stop military assistance to the Saudi-led coalition bombing Yemen. Lawmakers invoked a rarely used resolution curbing the president's powers to start a war.
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  Former Apple lawyer charged with insider trading

  02/13/2019 10:03 PM
Gene Levoff is accused of engaging in insider trading on several occasions between 2011 and 2016.

  WATCH Ilhan Omar grill US Venezuela envoy on war crimes of previous US-backed coups

  02/13/2019 06:33 PM

  North Dakota bill could permanently seal police, government records on pipeline protests

  02/13/2019 06:29 PM

  US police shoot 1,000 people dead every year - report

  02/13/2019 04:22 PM
Preview A new investigation has revealed that no matter the circumstances, American cops shoot almost 1,000 people dead every year.
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  Valentine's Day: How do you say 'I love you' to a buttoned-up Victorian?

  02/13/2019 03:07 PM
The University of Toronto has a collection of Valentines dating back 200 years.

  US senators re-introduce Russian sanctions 'bill from hell'

  02/13/2019 02:50 PM
Preview A group of senators have introduced a bill suggesting a wide range of sanctions against Russia.
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  Bit to the right! Nuclear war contingency plane damaged in hangar mishap

  02/13/2019 01:52 PM
Preview A US Navy aircraft used to maintain strategic communications in the event of a nuclear attack was disabled when its tail clipped the door of the hangar while being towed out last week. Repairs could cost millions.
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  ‘Get lost in a cave together’: Twitter backlash after Dorsey names Elon Musk most ‘exciting’ tweeter

  02/13/2019 11:54 AM
Preview Controversy-plagued Elon Musk is Twitter’s most exciting and influential user, the platform’s CEO Jack Dorsey has said, sparking an internet riot against his peculiar choice of Twitter idol.
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  ‘Magnificent!’: Trump’s jaguar appreciation tweet gets trolled over sons’ hunting hobby

  02/13/2019 10:43 AM

  British accents are coming! US parents worry over Peppa Pig influence

  02/13/2019 08:16 AM
Preview US parents have reported a mysterious phenomenon affecting their toddlers who have begun speaking in unusual accents. Researchers now believe they have tracked the source of foreign influence: Peppa Pig.
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  AIPAC launches fundraising campaign on back of Ilhan Omar’s ‘anti-Semitic’ tweets – reports

  02/13/2019 05:17 AM

  Pentagon’s 1st AI strategy vows to keep pace with Russia & China, wants help from tech

  02/13/2019 05:11 AM
Preview The Pentagon has issued its first AI strategy, where it pleads with tech giants to help boost military capabilities and catch up with Russia and China in developing artificial intelligence for military purposes.
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  First female commander of F-16 demo squad fired after 2 weeks over… inability to command

  02/13/2019 04:37 AM

  Epic buzzkill: Stoners trip over TIGER after entering abandoned house to smoke (PHOTOS)

  02/12/2019 11:57 PM
Preview A posse of potheads had the surprise of their lives when they stumbled onto a real live tiger after sneaking into a (seemingly) abandoned house in Houston to smoke.
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  ‘Thank you MSNBC!’ Trump utters unfamiliar phrase after ‘no collusion’ broadcast

  02/12/2019 09:20 PM

  President Trump and Beto O'Rourke's rival rallies in El Paso

  02/12/2019 07:58 PM
President Trump and Democrat Beto O'Rourke held events at the same time, but said very different things.

  Trump says he found $23 billion for Wall from ‘other sources’

  02/12/2019 07:35 PM

  Feminist sues Twitter after getting banned for saying ‘men aren’t women’

  02/12/2019 06:48 PM
Preview Canadian feminist writer Meghan Murphy is taking Twitter to court over its policy on transgender-related speech after she was booted from the platform for questioning the prevailing gender dogma.
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  'Bad' border deal welcomed by 'Swamp', but Trump seems unconcerned

  02/12/2019 05:04 PM

  Medical costs cause two-thirds of all bankruptcies in the US - study

  02/12/2019 03:53 PM

  Copy me! Clinton implies Trump stole her slogan

  02/12/2019 03:51 PM
Preview Two-time Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has poked fun at the Republicans over their use of the slogan from her 2016 campaign. The GOP taunted her by proposing a new face-off against Donald Trump.
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  Mexican drug cartel leader El Chapo found guilty, faces life in prison

  02/12/2019 12:41 PM
Preview Joaquin Guzman, the notorious Mexican drug cartel boss known under nickname ‘El Chapo’ is to face life in jail after a US court found him guilty on all charges in a high-profile narcotics trial.
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  Twitter lambastes Esquire for feature on Trump-supporting white teen during Black History Month

  02/12/2019 12:29 PM

  Hawaii battered by 191mph gusts, 40ft waves in rare winter snow storm (VIDEOS)

  02/12/2019 11:41 AM

  ‘Not looking for a fair fight’: Florida school hires veterans to ‘put down’ school shootings

  02/12/2019 11:07 AM
Preview A Florida school has responded to the threat of school shootings by hiring two former combat veterans to patrol the halls with 17-inch barrel semiautomatic rifles and handguns, making it the first school to do so.
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  #StandwithIlhan: Social media users defend Ilhan Omar after her forced apology over anti-Semitism

  02/12/2019 08:10 AM

  PC totalitarianism? Yale student says she’s collecting dirt on ‘ambitious white boys’ (VIDEO)

  02/12/2019 05:36 AM

  Congress reaches last-minute deal to avoid another government shutdown… ‘in principle’

  02/12/2019 02:05 AM
Preview US lawmakers say they have averted another partial government shutdown, reaching enough of a deal on border security to keep the government open through September 30, though the particulars remain up in the air.
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  Trump orders US agencies to turbocharge AI research and ensure American dominance

  02/11/2019 10:18 PM

  Retailer pulls ‘fake news’ shirt after journalist’s Twitter meltdown

  02/11/2019 10:10 PM
Preview Luxury retailer Bloomingdale’s has yanked a t-shirt reading “Fake News” from their stores, after a journalist called them out on Twitter, sparking a massive backlash.
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  ‘Sorry, not sorry?’ Ilhan Omar apologizes for ‘anti-Semitic’ tweet, reigniting controversy

  02/11/2019 08:17 PM

  ‘I did inhale!’ Kamala Harris pulls a giggly U-turn on pot legalization

  02/11/2019 06:50 PM

  Racism or just an ugly shoe? Katy Perry’s new ‘blackface’ footwear sparks outrage

  02/11/2019 06:32 PM

  ‘Real irony’: Bezos complains about nude pics privacy invasion while building surveillance state

  02/11/2019 12:36 PM
Preview Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, who led the tech giant as it cozied up with US authorities to develop surveillance tools, is now complaining that his privacy has been violated.
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  ‘The real Donald’: Twitter loses it over photoshopped Trump (IMAGES)

  02/11/2019 09:13 AM
Preview A striking photoshopped picture of Donald Trump shows the US president without his signature orange-hued tan and infamous comb-over hairstyle to show what the head of state would look like ‘au naturale’.
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  Fish stick collusion? CNN story on Russian pollock in US school lunches cracks up Twitterati

  02/11/2019 09:06 AM

  ‘Back to school necklaces’: Outcry after Long Island school posts bizarre noose poster

  02/11/2019 08:35 AM
Preview A Long Island middle school is under fire over a classroom collage depicting two nooses as “back to school necklaces,” which has been described a highly offensive and racist by shocked locals.
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  ‘All about the Benjamins’: Ilhan Omar sparks Twitter backlash over ‘anti-Semitic’ post

  02/11/2019 07:07 AM

  ‘Germs aren’t real’: Fox host says he hasn’t washed hands in 10 yrs, Twitter freaks out (VIDEO)

  02/11/2019 06:17 AM

  ‘Indentured servants!?' Virginia ‘blackface’ governor’s euphemism for slavery triggers 2nd roasting

  02/10/2019 11:52 PM

  ‘Shameful & disgusting!’ TSA slammed for ‘invasive groping’ of triple-amputee US veteran (VIDEO)

  02/10/2019 07:21 PM

  Trump says Democrats seek new shutdown as distraction from scandals, as border talks stall

  02/10/2019 03:55 PM
Preview As US border security talks apparently reach another stalemate with a new government shutdown looming on the horizon, President Donald Trump has blamed Democrats for the development by saying they need a distraction.
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  Joe Biden reminded of past 'humanitarian' actions after he blasts Maduro over aid block

  02/10/2019 03:44 PM

  ‘If I can do it, you can’: 75 yo bodybuilder defies the aging odds (VIDEO)

  02/10/2019 12:49 PM