Evidence points to Iranian hand in oil attack, says Saudi alliance, as prices soar

  09/16/2019 01:50 PM

  Atlantia's CEO set to step down as bridge probe darkens

  09/16/2019 01:49 PM

  Beleaguered U.S. energy shares soar after attacks on Saudi facilities

  09/16/2019 01:48 PM
Shares of U.S. energy companies surged on Monday, as a jump in oil prices in the wake of attacks on Saudi Arabia's oil facilities gave new juice to a sector that has been a chronic underperformer.

  Attacks on Saudi oil facilities - what will it mean for consumers?

  09/16/2019 01:39 PM
The attacks on Saudi oil facilities on Saturday will drive up fuel prices worldwide in the world's largest outage in 50 years. Here's what it could mean for consumers.

  U.S. charges JPMorgan metals traders over alleged market manipulation

  09/16/2019 01:30 PM
The Department of Justice charged two current and one former JPMorgan Chase & Co executives on Monday with alleged racketeering and manipulating prices of metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium between 2008 and 2016.

  Wall Street hit by Saudi attacks; energy stocks temper losses

  09/16/2019 01:25 PM
U.S. stocks fell on Monday on global growth worries after weekend attacks on Saudi Arabia's crude facilities hit 5% of the world's supply, but a sharp surge in crude prices lifted beaten-down energy stocks and kept losses in check.

  HS2: Ancient woodland clearance halted while review held

  09/16/2019 01:23 PM
Transport Secretary Grant Shapps says while a project review is under way, work should be stopped.

  Oil prices up 12% after attack on key Saudi oil facilities

  09/16/2019 01:23 PM
Oil prices jumped roughly 12% on Monday after an attack on Saudi Arabian crude oil facilities over the weekend sliced the kingdom's production in half and intensified concerns of retaliatory actions in the Middle East.

  Saudi attacks threaten U.S. gasoline price hikes, particularly in California

  09/16/2019 01:23 PM
U.S. motorists most likely to feel the hit from rising gas prices following the attacks on Saudi Arabia's oil facilities are on the West Coast, which accounts for nearly half of all of U.S. crude imports from the kingdom.

  Energy suppliers get more time to install smart meters

  09/16/2019 01:08 PM
Suppliers now have until 2024 to fit them into homes, but it may mean higher costs for the industry.

  Workers picket GM plants as UAW contract talks resume

  09/16/2019 12:19 PM
Negotiators for General Motors Co and the United Auto Workers resumed talks Monday at 10 a.m. EDT to resolve a strike that shut down the automaker's highly profitable U.S. operations.

  Cheers and honking horns greet first day of UAW strike against GM

  09/16/2019 12:19 PM
Willie Elzy has been readying for a possible strike against General Motors Co for months and, pointing to a parking lot full of freshly built pickup trucks, he says it's clear the automaker has been preparing too.

  Exclusive: F-35 chief to run Lockheed aeronautics as Evans undergoes medical treatment

  09/16/2019 12:16 PM

  Israel 'well-prepared' for any spill-over from attack on Saudi oil plant

  09/16/2019 11:49 AM
Israel is prepared for the possibility it might be drawn into any U.S.-Iranian confrontation over a strike on a Saudi oil plant, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday.

  Evidence indicates Iranian arms used in Saudi attack, say Saudis

  09/16/2019 11:46 AM
The Saudi-led military coalition battling Yemen's Houthi movement said on Monday that the attack on Saudi Arabian oil plants was carried out with Iranian weapons and was not launched from Yemen according to preliminary findings.

  Oil soars after attack on Saudi facilities, stocks weaken

  09/16/2019 11:38 AM
Oil prices soared on Monday after attacks on crude facilities in Saudi Arabia sparked worries over the impact of an oil shock on economic growth, halting a positive run in world stocks as investors reached for less risky assets.

  Apple takes fight against 13-billion-euro EU tax order to court

  09/16/2019 11:35 AM
Apple will launch a legal challenge on Tuesday to a European Commission order to pay 13 billion euros ($14.4 billion) in Irish back taxes in a landmark case in the EU's crackdown on tax avoidance by multinational companies.

  Atlantia CEO could offer resignation at Tuesday's board: source

  09/16/2019 11:34 AM
Giovanni Castellucci could offer his resignation as chief executive of infrastructure group Atlantia at an extraordinary board meeting called on Tuesday, a source said on Monday.

  Airbus, French exporters reel as U.S. tariffs loom in subsidy row

  09/16/2019 11:29 AM
Shares in Airbus and French luxury goods exporters fell on Monday as the European Union acknowledged it may face U.S. tariffs in a long-running dispute over aircraft subsidies, part of an escalating tit-for-tat trade row.

  U.S., Chinese trade deputies seen meeting Friday: U.S. Chamber CEO

  09/16/2019 11:16 AM

  Too soon to say if U.S. emergency oil release needed, Perry tells CNBC

  09/16/2019 11:07 AM
U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry said on Monday it was too soon say whether the United States would have to tap its emergency petroleum reserves following weekend attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities that shook global oil markets.

  Saudi Arabia shuts down pipeline to Bahrain after drone strikes – report

  09/16/2019 10:54 AM

  U.S. envoy tells U.N. Security Council indications Iran behind Saudi oil attacks

  09/16/2019 10:52 AM

  Climate change: Germany's conservatives mull doubling air travel tax

  09/16/2019 10:49 AM
Only domestic flights will be affected, say the Christian Democrats, who govern in a coalition.

  Russia's newest passenger jet makes first international flight

  09/16/2019 10:01 AM
Preview The latest Russian airliner, the Irkut MC-21-300, has made its first international flight to Turkey, the jet’s producer has announced.
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  Oil prices soar after attacks on Saudi facilities

  09/16/2019 09:56 AM
Brent crude surged nearly 20% as nervous traders speculated about the impact on global supplies.

  ‘Thank you, Mr. President!’: Trump thanks himself for making US top energy producer

  09/16/2019 09:47 AM
Preview In the wake of the Saudi refinery drone attacks, US President Donald Trump on Monday congratulated himself in a tweet for making the United States the biggest energy producer in the world.
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  BRICS bank greenlights new projects in India, Russia & South Africa worth $1.4bn

  09/16/2019 08:20 AM
Preview The New Development Bank (NDB) has approved four new infrastructure and development projects with loans totaling $1.4 billion. New investments bring the BRICS bank’s portfolio to 42 projects worth $11.6 billion.
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  Rise in teenage money mules prompts warnings

  09/16/2019 08:19 AM
Cases of 14 to 18-years-olds who have allowed their bank accounts to be used grows by 73% in two years.

  Apple to challenge EU over record $14 billion tax dodging case

  09/16/2019 07:29 AM
Preview A panel of judges in Luxembourg on Tuesday will begin hearing arguments concerning the US tech giant Apple and the world’s biggest tax case.
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  Caledonian Sleeper staff set strike date

  09/16/2019 07:11 AM
Members of the RMT union are taking industrial action over concerns about staffing levels and training.

  Gold & silver rally as investors seek safe havens amid global uncertainty

  09/16/2019 05:41 AM

  Purdue Pharma files for bankruptcy in the US

  09/16/2019 05:40 AM
The drug maker, accused of fuelling the opioid crisis, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

  Oil prices skyrocket 20% after attacks on Saudi plants disrupt global supply

  09/16/2019 05:02 AM
Preview Crude prices soared as trading opened on Monday after this weekend’s drone attack on key Saudi Arabian oil facilities slashed the kingdom’s output by half, or more than five percent of global daily production.
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  Rutland: England's only county without a McDonald's

  09/16/2019 04:45 AM
The burger chain wants to open in Rutland but people fear it will "kill" Oakham and bring in "riff-raff".

  App that cancels subscriptions launches in UK

  09/16/2019 03:09 AM
The virtual card automatically protects people from being charged at the end of a free trial period.

  Aldi plans to open a new supermarket each week

  09/16/2019 03:00 AM
The discount retailer is taking on its larger rivals as it continues to expand even as profits fall.

  What can restaurants do to help customers with allergies?

  09/16/2019 02:45 AM
Some allergy sufferers say they are "terrified" when dining out and have asked eateries to do more to make them safe.

  General Motors auto workers strike in US

  09/16/2019 01:00 AM
Almost 50,000 workers are due to join the strike, the first major stoppage at GM since 2007.

  Illegal work practices 'far too common' says think tank study

  09/15/2019 07:27 PM
Many workers report not receiving paid holidays or wage slips, says the Resolution Foundation.

  Saudi stocks slump after drone strikes hit Aramco oil plants

  09/15/2019 07:28 AM
Preview The Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) started Sunday’s trading down as its key index dropped more than two percent, dragged down by the recent attacks on the kingdom’s key oil facilities.
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  Thomas Cook 'racing to finalise rescue deal'

  09/15/2019 07:07 AM
The troubled travel firm is understood to be in last minute negotiations with bondholders.

  Massive heart attack for oil market? Drone raid on Saudi facilities may push oil to $100

  09/15/2019 06:31 AM

  Why thousands are flocking to corgi cafes

  09/14/2019 07:50 PM
Corgi cafes are all the rage, with these dog-themed businesses popping up across Asia.

  Dreamhouse for free? These 5 destinations offer free homes, but there's a catch

  09/14/2019 12:43 PM

  Iran signs $440 million deal to develop Belal gas field

  09/14/2019 08:44 AM

  Trickle-down economics doesn’t work, as protest movements worldwide show – Keiser Report

  09/14/2019 05:27 AM
Preview Modern-day protest movements, from Occupy Wall Street to France’s Yellow Vests, are interconnected globally and based on the people’s ire over trickle-down economics, independent journalist Paul Moreira tells RT.
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  Oil prices may slump heavily in 2020

  09/14/2019 04:33 AM
Preview OPEC and its partners will not deepen their oil production cut yet but will discuss the topic again in December.
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  Historic towns to benefit from £95m boost named

  09/13/2019 07:02 PM
The government lists 69 English towns and cities that will benefit from regeneration money.

  Has the US flotation bubble burst?

  09/13/2019 05:02 PM
As the market awaits a WeWork listing, what has happened to the other firms which have debuted?

  ‘No-one asks new dads how they’re feeling at work’

  09/13/2019 05:00 PM
Companies are doing more to support working dads but may overlook postnatal mental illness in men.

  Frankfurt Motor Show: Love, hate and electric cars

  09/13/2019 04:55 PM
The BBC's Theo Leggett reports from a cavernous display of delights at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

  London Stock Exchange rejects Hong Kong’s unsolicited buyout bid

  09/13/2019 10:47 AM
Preview The London Stock Exchange (LSE) Group has rejected a takeover bid from Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX) in a hard-hitting letter to the Asian exchange’s board.
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  India plans its own tests of Boeing 737 MAX jets even if FAA clears them for takeoff in the US

  09/13/2019 08:29 AM
Preview India is set to conduct its own checks on Boeing’s 737 MAX jets even if the US aviation regulator clears the grounded planes, reports citing officials say.
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  Who actually runs the world? Boom Bust explores if Facebook's Libra could kill the banking system

  09/13/2019 07:56 AM
Preview The French Finance Ministry has called Facebook’s Libra digital currency too risky to be authorized for development in Europe, citing serious concerns about the social network's cryto endeavour.
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  South Africa’s business confidence plunges to lowest level in 34 years

  09/13/2019 06:45 AM
Preview A sentiment index compiled by the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) declined to 89.1 last month from 92 in July. That’s the lowest level since April 1985, according to the survey.
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  Russia will only borrow in currencies other than US dollar – finance minister

  09/13/2019 05:39 AM
Preview Russia will not take out loans in US dollars for the remainder of this year and the whole of 2020, turning instead to the yuan and euro, according to the Finance Ministry.
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  The US briefly overtook Saudi Arabia in gross oil exports

  09/13/2019 04:45 AM
Preview The United States briefly overtook Saudi Arabia as the world’s number one gross oil exporter at one point in June this year, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said on Thursday.
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  Why China believes the World needs the new Silk Road: Beijing's ambitious mega-project explained

  09/13/2019 03:04 AM
Preview China's trillion-dollar "One Belt, One Road" initiative (BRI) is an attempt to revive the Silk Road, an ancient trade route that for hundreds of years connected the East and West during the days of the Roman Empire.
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  High-tech ways to keep employees happy

  09/12/2019 07:26 PM
Companies offer gym deals and cycle schemes - but how do they know if these are what staff want?

  How bottled water became a million dollar idea.

  09/12/2019 07:21 PM
The BBC's Aaron Heslehurst explains how bottled water became a million dollar idea.

  How virtual reality is helping people with dementia

  09/12/2019 07:17 PM
Virtual reality is being used to help people with dementia revisit their past.

  Duchess of Sussex launches clothing line for women's charity

  09/12/2019 02:34 PM
The Duchess of Sussex launches her new clothing line in support of a charity helping women find work.

  Good will gesture or ‘desperate aggressive behavior’? Boom Bust on Trump’s trade war with China

  09/12/2019 10:48 AM
Preview US President Donald Trump has postponed by two weeks the implementation of the latest round of tariffs on $250 billion worth of Chinese goods. He called his move a ‘gesture of good will.’
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  Russia braces for possible US sanctions against its oil major Rosneft

  09/12/2019 10:46 AM
Preview The Russian government has expressed concern over Washington’s recent threats to slap sanctions on Russian state oil giant Rosneft regarding its business dealings in Venezuela.
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  France vows to block development of Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency on European soil

  09/12/2019 07:42 AM
Preview The French Finance Ministry has deemed Facebook’s Libra digital currency too risky to be authorized for development in Europe.
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  Electric cars are coming: new models unveiled at Frankfurt Motor Show

  09/12/2019 07:23 AM
The Frankfurt Motor Show offers a first look at the some significant new electric cars: An 8-seat Mercedes, the affordable ID.3 from Volkswagen, and a car that drove all the way to show from China.

  $400 TRILLION HOLE? Actual US debt may be 2,000% of GDP, says Wall Street report

  09/12/2019 06:22 AM

  Huawei ready to sell its 5G technology to Western buyer to create global competition

  09/12/2019 06:16 AM

  The challengers to China’s rare earth monopoly

  09/12/2019 04:39 AM
Preview Rare earth metals have been a weakness for the US in the ongoing trade war, but new exploration efforts in the US and Australia could change the situation completely.
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  Can a sacred drink boost an island's fortunes?

  09/11/2019 07:12 PM
The Pacific nation of Vanuatu is hoping kava will boost exports and bring in much needed cash.

  US Fed ‘boneheads’ should cut interest rates to zero or less – Trump

  09/11/2019 11:27 AM
Preview US President Donald Trump has urged the Federal Reserve to slash interest rates to zero or less, saying that negative rates could save the government money on its debt.
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  Venezuelan oil major PDVSA registers office in Moscow

  09/11/2019 08:45 AM
Preview Venezuelan state-owned oil company Petróleos de Venezuela, or PDVSA, has registered its office in Moscow. The move comes after Russian state oil major Rosneft last month became the main trader of Venezuelan crude.
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  JP Morgan makes it clear to staff that Taiwan & Hong Kong are part of China

  09/11/2019 07:38 AM
Preview Wall Street banking giant JPMorgan Chase has told some of its staff to ensure that they do not refer to Hong Kong, Macau or self-governing Taiwan as separate countries.
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  China exempts 16 American products from additional tariffs

  09/11/2019 05:42 AM
Preview Beijing has exempted 16 types of US-made goods from additional tariffs that were introduced as a retaliatory measure after Washington raised duties on a number of Chinese products.
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  Hong Kong Stock Exchange offers to buy London Stock Exchange for $36.6 billion

  09/11/2019 05:23 AM
Preview Hong Kong Exchanges (HKEX) and Clearing has launched a takeover bid for London Stock Exchange Group, offering one of Europe’s largest exchanges £29.6 billion ($36.6 billion).
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  BRICS New Development Bank approves investments worth over $10bn - Lavrov

  09/11/2019 04:51 AM
Preview The total value of investment projects approved by the BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) has exceeded $10 billion, according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.
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  Iran has perfected the art of hiding its oil tankers

  09/11/2019 04:11 AM
Preview Despite sanctions and mounting geopolitical pressure, Iran has managed to continue its crude deliveries thanks to the country’s skill in hiding its oil tankers.
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  Russia to sell debt in Chinese yuan as Washington weaponizes dollar

  09/11/2019 03:03 AM
Preview Moscow and Beijing are working on a new way to cut their reliance on the greenback, as Russia plans to issue its first yuan-denominated bond, which may help the two in skirting US tariffs and sanctions.
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  High Street: How many UK shops have closed?

  09/10/2019 08:18 PM
Many retailers have announced store closures and job losses.

  Can solar power shake up the energy market?

  09/10/2019 07:38 PM
The falling cost of solar power is helping it to disrupt the global energy market.

  Jack Ma says goodbye to Alibaba on his 55th birthday

  09/10/2019 08:47 AM
Preview Jack Ma, the self-made Chinese business magnate with a net worth of nearly $42 billion and founder of the online shopping giant Alibaba, has officially retired from the company he started.
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  Russia & China stockpiling gold because ‘they can read the writing on the wall’ – Peter Schiff

  09/10/2019 07:16 AM
Preview Global central banks, particularly those in Russia and China, have been boosting their gold reserves at a rapid place lately. The trend is projected to continue due to trade tensions and market uncertainty.
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  Russia now has more assets than debt, despite sanctions

  09/10/2019 05:55 AM
Preview Thanks to steadily growing gold and foreign currency reserves, Russia’s debt-to-GDP ratio has turned negative for the first time since its economy was hit by Western sanctions and by the oil market crash of 2014.
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  Transgender lender: America gets its first gay credit union

  09/10/2019 05:18 AM
Preview The State of Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services has approved the formation of Superbia Credit Union, the first ever not-for-profit lender designed for LGBT customers.
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  The bizarre fabrics that fashion is betting on

  09/09/2019 07:00 PM
Amid a growing backlash against fast fashion, firms are looking at new fabrics from mushrooms and pineapples.

  Hey, Zuck! Can you spare a buck? Facebook fails to pay $50 fine in Russia

  09/09/2019 10:49 AM
Preview Social media giant Facebook, with a market value of over $500 billion, failed to comply with a Russian court’s order to pay a fine of 3,000 rubles ($46) over its non-compliance with national law.
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  Russia boosts gas supplies to Europe while transit deal with Ukraine in limbo

  09/09/2019 09:52 AM
Preview Russian energy major Gazprom plans to pump twice as much gas into European storage than last year, while Moscow and Kiev have not still agreed on the terms of a new transit contract.
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  Porsche set to lead the charge at Frankfurt show

  09/09/2019 07:14 AM
Porsche is set to lead the charge at the Frankfurt Motor Show with its new electric sports car.

  China boosts gold reserves by nearly 100 tons

  09/09/2019 05:41 AM

  Nearly all British Airways flights canceled amid pilot strike

  09/09/2019 05:26 AM
Preview British Airways (BA) said it was forced to cancel “nearly 100 percent” of flights for Monday and Tuesday after the UK pilots union went ahead with the biggest strike action in the airline’s 100 year history.
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  China unfazed by US blacklisting its nuclear firms

  09/09/2019 04:08 AM
Preview Following the blacklisting of a major Chinese energy firm by the US, Beijing has made it clear that they are not dependent on Washington for energy trade and development.
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  Restaurants urged to serve us less food

  09/08/2019 07:57 PM
UK restaurants waste a million tonnes of food a year, 75% of which could be eaten says charity Wrap.

  Covfefe power: J.P. Morgan invents new index to measure impact of Trump’s tweets on markets

  09/08/2019 07:38 PM

  The man who gambled his firm on a £50,000 sword

  09/08/2019 07:03 PM
How a giant order from the Middle East transformed Grant Macdonald's silversmith business.

  Trump’s crackdown on Huawei puts US companies' survival at risk, Microsoft warns

  09/08/2019 09:35 AM

  How will US push the world to recognize China as currency manipulator? RT’s Boom Bust investigates

  09/08/2019 05:46 AM

  US oil market suffering as the trade war escalates

  09/08/2019 02:45 AM
Preview The ongoing trade war with China is impacting many industries. Market volatility is being exacerbated by President Trump’s pattern of vacillating between threats and cease-fires on the topic.
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  Golden rule: Russia brings bullion & foreign currency reserves to new highs

  09/07/2019 10:32 AM

  Singapore to join Russia-led free-trade zone in October

  09/07/2019 07:57 AM
Preview One of the leading Asian economies, Singapore, is set to ink a free trade agreement with the Russian-led Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) next month, Russia's deputy minister of economic development has revealed to RT.
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  Clash of the titans: Apple strikes back at Google over security flaw report

  09/07/2019 04:56 AM
Preview Apple has broken its silence on Google’s recent bombshell report exposing security flaws that could be exploited to hack iPhones. Apple says Google misrepresented the facts to “stoke fear” among its clients.
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  Bank of Russia slashes key rate for third time this year

  09/06/2019 11:01 AM
Preview The Central Bank of Russia has cut the interest rate for the third consecutive time this year to seven percent, marking another step towards decelerating inflation.
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  Alibaba plans to launch online sales of Russian goods in China

  09/06/2019 10:57 AM
Preview Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is considering starting an online platform for selling goods from Russia to China in 2020, sources told TASS at the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF).
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  ‘Piracy, bribery & blackmail’: Iran slams US sanctions as economic terrorism against civilians

  09/06/2019 08:47 AM

  Facebook allows massive data leaks with no rules in US to prevent it – expert to Boom Bust

  09/06/2019 08:39 AM
Preview Social media network giant Facebook’s latest security breach exposed the phone numbers of over 400 million users around the world, including records for users in the UK and Vietnam.
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  Energy supernetwork: Putin approves Russia’s new gas pipeline megaproject to China via Mongolia

  09/06/2019 06:53 AM
Preview Russian President Vladimir Putin backs Mongolia’s offer to build a transit gas pipeline to China through its territory, Mongolian President Khaltmaagiin Battulga announced at the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF).
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  Hong Kong’s credit rating slashed amid ongoing anti-government protests

  09/06/2019 06:01 AM
Preview Fitch has downgraded one of Asia’s major financial hubs after months of violent protests, stating that Hong Kong’s rating outlook is currently negative.
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  The secrets of controlling your internet profile

  09/05/2019 07:13 PM
Banksy reckoned we would all be anonymous for 15 minutes, but is this even possible?

  Gold & bitcoin to replace fiat money as consumers lose faith in ‘social contract’ – Keiser Report

  09/05/2019 10:27 AM
Preview As the debt-based monetary system gradually collapses the ideas of central banking and the social contract, an expert tells RT that other forms of money may take over the market soon.
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  India offers billions in credit & investments for Russia's Far East development

  09/05/2019 08:19 AM
Preview In an unprecedented move, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced his country will provide a US$1 billion loan for the development of Russia’s Far Eastern territories.
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  US-China trade war boosts demand for Russian soybeans

  09/05/2019 07:56 AM
Preview The volume of Russian soybeans exported to China will be worth at least $600 million by 2024, according to the Russian Ministry of Agriculture.
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  Over $9 billion invested in Russia’s Far East since 2015 – Putin

  09/05/2019 05:38 AM
Preview Government support for Russia’s Far East has resulted in significant growth of the region’s industrial production which is three times higher than in the rest of the country.
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  Russia to become major player in global LNG production – energy minister

  09/05/2019 05:09 AM
Preview The Russian Energy Ministry has forecasted major growth in domestic liquefied natural gas (LNG) production to as much as 140 million tons per year, from its current annual output of 30 million tons.
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  Raging tariff war ‘disastrous’ for US economy, but nothing can be done – expert to Boom Bust

  09/05/2019 03:11 AM

  The Chelsea goalie who joined Goldman Sachs

  09/04/2019 07:04 PM
Goalkeeper quits top flight women's football at the age of 25 to start a new career in finance.

  Will Brexit hit Britain's fresh vegetable supplies?

  09/04/2019 07:00 PM
While Dutch firms are ready for Brexit, some say that food exports to the UK will be delayed.

  Russia's S7 Airlines raises funds to plant 1 million trees in wildfire ravaged Siberia

  09/04/2019 10:31 AM
Preview Russia’s largest private carrier S7 Airlines announced on Wednesday that it has raised the required amount of money to plant one million trees in wildfire devastated Siberia.
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  Huawei & Russian media group Rossiya Segodnya sign deal on strategic cooperation

  09/04/2019 10:22 AM
Preview Media group Rossiya Segodnya and Huawei’s consumer business group's branch in Russia have signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF).
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  Ditching the dollar: National currency payments key to boosting Russia-India trade, says Putin

  09/04/2019 07:55 AM

  Private companies welcome to develop resource-rich Arctic shelf – Russian minister

  09/04/2019 07:23 AM
Preview Russia is open to allowing private oil and gas companies to research and develop the Arctic shelf in order to spare the government the huge expenses needed for the job.
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  Vietnam expects trade turnover with Russia to hit $10bn this year

  09/04/2019 05:05 AM
Preview The volume of trade between Russia and Vietnam could grow to $10 billion by 2020, according to Vietnam’s Deputy Foreign Minister To Anh Dung.
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  Russia favored for half-trillion dollar Iranian oil project

  09/04/2019 04:40 AM
Preview With most US and European oil majors side-lined, the huge South Pars Oil Layer project will most likely go to a Russian or Chinese partner.
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  China will crumble ‘WHEN I WIN’ trade war – Trump

  09/03/2019 10:59 AM
Preview US President Donald Trump has predicted China’s full economic downfall by the time the trade war between the two countries is over, urging Beijing to make a deal soon.
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  Bitcoin still the gold standard of cryptocurrencies, expert tells Boom Bust

  09/03/2019 10:05 AM
Preview The price of the world’s most popular digital currency, bitcoin, has climbed above the psychological $10,000 mark overnight. Its total share of the crypto market is now the highest since March 2017.
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  British pound sinks to 34-year low against US dollar amid snap election fears

  09/03/2019 08:50 AM

  Exchange rates: Why is the pound getting weaker?

  09/03/2019 06:52 AM
A simple guide to how currency is valued and what it means for your finances

  US-Russia gas war drives European energy prices to 10-year low

  09/03/2019 06:26 AM
Preview European natural gas prices reached their lowest level in at least a decade this week, fuelled by a battle for market share between the world’s largest producers, Russia and the US.
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  Pipeline to bring Russian gas to Europe is three-quarters complete

  09/03/2019 05:32 AM
Preview Nearly 2,000 kilometers of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, a project to deliver natural gas from Russia to the European Union, now extend along the bottom of the Baltic Sea.
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  Iran says France offered $15bn oil pre-purchases credit line

  09/03/2019 03:57 AM
Preview France has proposed to extend to Iran a credit line of US$15 billion for oil “pre-purchases” in exchange for full compliance with the nuclear deal.
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  China lodges tariff complaint against US with World Trade Organization

  09/02/2019 10:53 AM
Preview The Chinese Commerce Ministry said on Monday that it has launched a case against the United States with the World Trade Organization (WTO) over US import duties.
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  Facebook’s ‘treacherous’ & 'beguiling' Libra could undermine euro currency’s global role – ECB

  09/02/2019 10:14 AM
Preview Widespread acceptance of Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency would pose a threat to monetary policy in the EU, according to one board member of the European Central Bank (ECB), Yves Mersch.
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  US could use imperial Chinese debt to ‘simply default’ on Beijing’s $1 trillion of US bond holdings

  09/02/2019 09:42 AM
Preview Washington is exploring new ways to target Beijing as it runs out of goods to tax in the ongoing trade war, and century-old Chinese bonds could become a weapon, analysts have told RT.
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  Russia not afraid of the big bad oil bear market – economy minister

  09/02/2019 05:48 AM
Preview The Russian economy will not face serious pressure if oil prices crash to $40 per barrel, Russia’s Economic Development Minister Maksim Oreshkin has said.
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  Bank of China approved $140 billion of credit for Silk Road projects

  09/02/2019 05:42 AM
Preview The Bank of China (BOC) has said that, by the end of June this year, it had approved more than $140 billion of credit and funded over 600 major projects under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).
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  Want your banks to fork out on the military budget? Ask Sweden how to

  09/01/2019 02:21 PM
Preview A military neutral Sweden is ramping up its military budget and is forcing banks to foot the country’s growing defense bill. After all it has created a good imaginary threat - Russia.
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  MAKS 2019 airshow set to bring Russia BILLIONS in military contracts

  09/01/2019 09:11 AM

  ‘Tsar engines’: Russia begins production of the world’s most-powerful rocket boosters

  09/01/2019 06:25 AM

  Hurricane Dorian leads to gasoline crisis in Florida

  09/01/2019 03:08 AM
Preview Hurricane Dorian is rapidly approaching the coast of Florida, forcing people to scramble for fuel and stockpile supplies.
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  Brace for higher prices: New round of US-China tariffs comes into force

  09/01/2019 12:10 AM
Preview The trade war between the world’s two largest economies entered a new phase on Sunday, as US tariffs targeting Chinese-made products and Beijing’s retaliatory hikes on American imports both kick in.
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  Tesla gets tax break in China, but it hardly makes it more attractive to customers – Boom Bust

  08/31/2019 07:03 AM
Preview Exemption from a 10-percent purchase tax gives Tesla hope in the important Chinese market, but RT’s Boom Bust investigates whether it’s enough to offset Elon Musk’s firm’s other troubles.
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  India looks to import more LNG from Russia’s resource-rich Arctic region

  08/31/2019 05:16 AM
Preview Indian companies are going to purchase more Russian liquefied natural gas (LNG), including from new projects in the Arctic region, according to Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak.
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  Bye-bye lowcosters? Merkel’s sister party calls for extra tax on cheap European flights

  08/30/2019 10:59 AM

  Trump slams GM for auto plants in China, suggests it should ‘start moving back to America again’

  08/30/2019 10:50 AM
Preview US President Donald Trump has once again criticized automaker General Motors (GM) for moving production to China. He has renewed calls for reviving the US auto industry.
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  US Fed ‘unable to delay’ recession any longer – investor Peter Schiff

  08/30/2019 09:34 AM

  Russian telecom giant & China’s Huawei launch 5G zones in Russian cities

  08/30/2019 07:07 AM
Preview Russian mobile operator MTS has teamed up with Chinese tech giant Huawei for a 5G pilot scheme in Moscow and Kronshtadt, where for the first time the super-fast network will cover almost the entire city.
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  Central banks’ gold-buying spree to continue in coming years as global economic doubts rise

  08/30/2019 06:46 AM
Preview Heightened global tensions, currency wars, and the course of de-dollarization have been pushing central banks to boost their gold purchases. The trend is likely to continue in the coming years, experts say.
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  Trade war won’t kill US oil exports

  08/30/2019 04:27 AM
Preview The trade war finally caught up with US crude oil exports to China, but this doesn’t mean that US crude flows to East-Asia will dry up all of a sudden.
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  Gold bull market upon us & US dollar may be replaced by crypto as reserve currency - Keiser report

  08/29/2019 11:02 AM

  Huawei’s smartphones will not have Google apps

  08/29/2019 10:58 AM
Preview Chinese Huawei’s next flagship smartphone will not come with Google’s popular apps including Maps, YouTube, and Gmail, which are part of the Android operating system.
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  Humans or machines? Elon Musk & Jack Ma face off over future of AI

  08/29/2019 08:28 AM
Preview One of the biggest challenges for human beings in the next two decades will be the lack of more human beings, according to Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.
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  World’s 1st crypto banks get licenses in Switzerland

  08/29/2019 07:13 AM
Preview The Swiss financial regulator has granted capital market and securities dealer licenses to two blockchain companies, set to become the world’s first crypto banks.
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  US companies urge Trump to scrap new China tariffs, calling them a ‘job killer’ for Americans

  08/29/2019 06:27 AM
Preview More than 200 footwear manufacturers and retailers, including Nike and Foot Locker, called on US President Donald Trump to cancel the proposed higher tariffs on Chinese imports that take effect next month.
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  Russian Helicopters and Yandex strike deal to launch air taxi network in Moscow

  08/29/2019 05:28 AM
Preview Russian Helicopters Holding and Yandex.Taxi have signed an agreement to develop an air taxi network in Moscow, which is to start operating in 2020.
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  Ambitious $300mn road project launched in Central Russia

  08/29/2019 03:42 AM
Preview Authorities in Russia’s Volgograd Region have launched the construction of a 12km-long (7 miles) bypass, already dubbed Russia’s largest road project for the next five years.
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  ‘Big Tech has got too big’: Steve Wozniak calls for Apple to be split

  08/28/2019 10:53 AM
Preview Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has slammed Big Tech companies for monopolizing the market and abusing their power, saying Apple and others should have split up into autonomous divisions “a long time ago.”
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  Retirement contribution limits will rise in 2019

  11/01/2018 04:50 PM
Good news retirement savers: The Internal Revenue Service announced cost of living increases to the contribution limits for retirement-related plans in 2019.